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We have the telephone interpreter you are looking for. Our over-the-phone translators are committed to deliver the best translation quality there is. We are obsessed with creating only the greatest customer experience. We love languages and we love making our clients happy! By hiring our phone service you can rest assured that from now on, you can communicate in Russian like a native - never losing a single word from your important conversation. You can reach out to our professional translators in just seconds by email or phone.

We are here for you and we try to answer emails even on weekends and holidays - so don't be shy and send us your message!

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Phone: 1-800-951-6481

WhatsApp: +1-773-790-8913

Advantages of our Telephone Translation


Our phone interpreters maintain the highest level of professional and ethic standards during interpreting sessions. They will help you to communicate effectively in Russian culture.


No accounts, no set up fees. Everything is plain and simple - you just need to pick up your phone and call us. Phone interpreters are able to use any popular app to make that call (Whatsapp, Skype).


We have one of the lowest prices on the market - starting from $1.00 per minute with a 20-minute minimum per call. That is a great amount of cost savings, compared to hiring an onsite interpreter.

Any subject

Our team of highly credentialed translators are comfortable translating any subject matter there is; let it be legal, finance, technical, or just a general everyday language.

Our more than a decade-long experience has resulted in providing accurate and professional phone translation services. We translate all information during your phone conversation in a clear and accurate manner. We try to never paraphrase. Our phone interpreters provide consecutive interpretation. We can use a regular phone, Skype, or Whatsapp to perform phone interpreting. If you don't have the capability of doing so, a translator can make a 3-way call (a conference call), where he or she will connect you first and then the other party. Time starts when we have reached the intended party; that means you will not be charged any extra minutes! We are philanthropic at heart and we love helping people in need of translation. With us you will never miss a word, a thought or an idea!

What's the use of phone translation?

You might ask yourself in what situations a person might need such a service. We can assure you that there are many settings where our professional Russian phone translators can become handy for you or someone you know. For example, there is a great amount of attorneys who employ our translation services during depositions, initial consultations, and further engagements with their clients. Not long ago we were of a tremendous help to an attorney and his client during the signage of a prenuptial agreement. All you ought to have is a speakerphone.

Another case of hiring a phone interpreter would be a personal phone call to a potential future wife, a parent-in-law, maybe even a prosperous business partner, or just a good friend of yours. Sometimes we are called upon to assist with a phone call, which takes care of their everyday lives like making a doctor's appointment or calling a bank.

We can be especially useful during international business negotiations when one or several participants do not possess the necessary foreign language skills.


We LOVE what we do - and our customers appreciate how we do it. Take a look at what they say about our services and see for yourself why we are the first choice when it comes to language service in the United States.

I'm glad my girlfriend recommended you guys. Amazing and fast service. I'll be definitely coming back to you if I have more inquiries.
- Eugene Kravel

They were very excellent with both languages. I was able to talk to my grandma who I care very much and lost mother language, they were able to help me to communicate with her. They were very flexible with time for a reasonable price.
- Kat


It's always a good time to drop us a line - we try to answer emails even on weekends and holidays - so, don't be shy and send us your message!

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-800-951-6481