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All testimonials provided here are the words of appreciation of our language services from our grateful clients.

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I was extremely pleased with the quick response to my initial query and the follow-up to my request for adoption-related document translation. The US Passport Agency informed me mid-morning that certified translated documents would be required to complete a rush passport application, and Tim turned my project around in less than 24 hours, from the initial contact to completed documents in my hands via overnight delivery. I would highly recommend their service to anyone dealing with time-sensitive, government and adoption-related special translation needs.
- Julie Bradsher,
  Financial Advisor,
  Washington, DC


I must say I was absolutely enthralled with my translation service of an extremely difficult entertainment contract. Their work is by far the most literal and accurate and the results happen within hours. The turn around time was impeccable to the amount of translation presented. They are defiantly above and beyond other Russian translation services in the states.
- Alex Reznik,
  Movie Actor, TV Show Founder,
  Los Angeles, California


I needed a medical document translated to Russian and certified for a student visa. I spoke with a Translation Manager who took care of everything and even offered several ways for me to receive the translated document. I sent them the document on a Monday and they turned it around the next day. I highly recommend their services, as they are second to none.
- Russell Vaughan,
  SJC Field Engineer,
  Campbell, California


Thank you for quick and accurate translation of my birth certificate. I really am grateful for the certified translation service I received. Special thanks to the manager, he asked all the right questions and helped me to get the documents quickly and accurately and the price was less than the other competitors. I highly recommend anyone to use this service.

Thank you again.

- Galina Pripilitsky,
  Scottsdale, AZ


I have used this Russian Language Service only a few times, but I cannot imagine any other interpreter service being better. That is why I will only use this service and have taken the time and effort to write this…


At first, the staff was very patient and answered all of my questions in detail and very sincerely before I even used any of the services. They were not only sincere, but in a very nice and trusting way and it was a pleasure talking to the staff.


Sure, they are a business that operates for a profit, as well they should. However, they seem to put patience, niceness, and customer service in front of that and, consequently, I truly believe that their method will serve them very well in business in the long term.


Also more importantly, they provide excellent service, they are very fluent in both Russian and English and the nuances in each language and culture, and they feel the messages being sent (spoken and written) and convey them as intended, and then add a thoughtful personal touch to their customers, which is heart felt.


I will always use this service because I am very, very happy with the quality of the organization, the service provided, and the staff I have come in contact with…

- Bruce Michelson,
 Professor of University of Maryland University   College,
  Adelphi, Maryland


The speed with which you responded was great, and the accommodations to our schedule showed a dedication to not just the our words but to our situation. There are so many options out there for translation, and we found them many to be poor to downright scam. was the opposite. You reputable, reasonable in rates, professional and accurate.


The conversations you facilitated via phone and email gave of access to information whose value is beyond compare, and for that I truly thank you. We would gladly provide references for you and the firm is anyone as skeptical as I was needs assurance.


Thanks again!

- Leigh Abbott-Leaman,
  Dover, NJ


I was incredibly surprised with the speed of the work. I got a call back when I required it and they customized my order. They addressed all my concerns in no time. My expectations were more than exceeded. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

- Denis M.,
  San Francisco, CA


Thank you very much for your high quality service. The translation of my power of attorney was performed very qualitative and fast. Their prices are very affordable. Do not be afraid to contact them. 100% positive company.
- Irada Willis, High Point, North Carolina


I was very pleased with the interpretation and translation services that this translation company offered me, when I was corresponding with my fiancee, Marina, in Uzbekistan. They are very knowledgeable and professional, and I had no problems with them whatsoever. I would highly recommend them to you, for any of your Russian interpretation or translation needs.
- William Spaulding, Boise, Idaho


I would like to let your management know that I am fully satisfied with the translation of my diploma, the time frame and the communication, excellent translation and the way everything was organized.
I will recommend your site to my friends who may need translation done.

- Irina Adams, Fruita, Colorado


I was very happy with the translation I got from Russian English Translator. My daughter is adopted from Russia and I wanted to get her Russian documents translated. I sent the original document in the morning, and by the afternoon, I had already got my translation. Their customer service was very friendly and helpful as well.
- Jeremy Strain, Media, Pennsylvania