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We are a US-based translation team, which specializes in a professional translation of birth certificates from the Russian language. We can translate birth certificates issued in former USSR republics, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and other countries, which produce their documents in Russian.

All of our document translations are certified. In the process of certification, we also include notarization free of charge. You will receive a certified and notarized translation of your vital record. Per USCIS requirements, your document will have a complete and accurate translation from Russian into English and there will be a statement from the translator indicating that.

Russian Birth Certificate

ONLY THIS SEASON - $21.00 per document!

Certified and notarized translation from Russian and Ukrainian languages to English of immigration documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, police clearance certificates, adoption certificates, and passports for submission to the USCIS, NVC, State and Federal Courts, Colleges and Universities. Electronic copy (PDF) is included in the price. Short turnaround time - 1-2 days!

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Send your document

Everything starts with you converting your document to an electronic format by scanning or taking a high-quality picture - we accept all file types. Please email us your documents to [email protected] Or send document photos straight from your phone via WhatsApp: +1-773-790-8913

Make a payment

We will email you the price and turnaround time, as well as payment details. You can make a payment with a credit/debit card, PayPal or Zelle. Please email us the correct spelling of the name(s) in English (transcription of names) - this will facilitate the process.

Review translation

We will send you a draft of translated document for your review so that you may check and make sure all the names, dates, and other essential information is correct and consistent with your other documents.


Depending on the requested service, you will receive a certified and notarized translation by email in PDF format or by mail. Mailed documents will have wet signatures and stamps.


Whether you are getting married or filing for a divorce in the United States, you may be asked to show your original birth certificate along with its translation to government authorities, banks, insurance companies. A birth certificate is the most important vital record, which can serve as a proof of your identity, indicating your date of birth, location of birth, your relationship to your parents along with their ethnicities.

There are many instances in your life when you have to provide your birth certificate upon request. You will need this document when applying for immigration, registering your child for a school, travelling by an airplane, getting a driver's license for the first time, changing your name, getting married or filing for a divorce. It is also required for Social Security, inheritance, and child support services.

Your Russian birth certificate will not be recognized in the United States unless it is officially translated in the country. Once the translation is certified, it will be accepted by the USCIS, United States Courts, primary-elementary schools, secondary-high schools, universities, the United States Social Security Administration, US banks, insurance companies, hospitals.


Below are the images of the most common types of birth certificates we translate for our customers.

USSR Birth Certificate
Birth certificate of Russian Federation, issue year 2020
Birth certificate of Kazakhstan
Birth certificate of Russia, issue year 1992
Birth certificate of Tajikistan, issue year 2011
Birth certificate of Moldavia
Birth certificate of USSR, issue year 1937
Citizenship note attached to birth certificate


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Thank you for quick and accurate translation of my birth certificate. I really am grateful for the certified translation service I received. Special thanks to the manager, he asked all the right questions and helped me to get the documents quickly and accurately and the price was less than the other competitors. I highly recommend anyone to use this service.
- Galina Pripilitsky, Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you very much for your high quality service.
The translation of my power of attorney was performed very qualitative and fast. Their prices are very affordable. Do not be afraid to contact them. 100% positive company.
Thank you again.
- Irada Willis, High Point, North Carolina


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