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"Thank you for quick and accurate translation of my birth certificate. I really am grateful for the certified translation service I received. Special thanks to the manager, he asked all the right questions and helped me to get the documents quickly and accurately and the price was less than the other competitors. I highly recommend anyone to use this service."

Thank you again.

- Galina Pripilitsky,
  Scottsdale, AZ

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Russian/Ukrainian Certified Translation Services

ONLY THIS SEASON - $18.00 per document!

Certified and notarized translation from Russian and Ukrainian languages to English of immigration documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, police clearance certificates, adoption certificates, and passports for submission to the USCIS, NVC, State and Federal Courts, Colleges and Universities. Electronic copy (PDF) is included in the price. Short turnaround time - 1-2 days!

Please email us your documents to [email protected]

What Documents we Certify

We provide Russian and Ukrainian certified and notarized translation of the following documents:

  • university diploma (accepted by most evaluation agencies such as WES, ECE)
  • school transcript
  • marriage certificate
  • divorce certificate
  • birth certificate
  • death certificate
  • driver's license
  • identification documents
  • passport
  • immunization card
  • medical examination
  • police clearance
  • prenuptial agreement

What is a Certified Translation?

A certified translation - it can also be referred to as a certificate of translation - is a formal statement from a professional translation organization or an accredited translator, which demonstrates that the translation has been accurately performed from a foreign language to English (or vice versa). We employ only the best in the industry Russian and Ukrainian translators. Our translators are college educated and have a native fluency in the language they translate. Translation will have a company's name and all the necessary information (i.e. physical address, phone number, website address, email) which is required by any government agency (including USCIS - former INS, and NVC), educational or judicial institution.

How it works

1) Everything starts with you converting your document to an electronic format by scanning or taking a high-quality picture - we accept all file types. You can email us your documents to [email protected] or fax them to us.

2) We will email you the price and turnaround time as well as a payment information.

3) You make a payment with a Credit/debit card or a PayPal through our secure page. Your financial and personal information will be kept secure. Please email us the correct spelling of the name(s) in English - this will facilitate the process.

4) We send you a draft of translated document for your review.

5) We email you PDF documents and/or mail you hard copies to your physical address.

All your documents will be translated and certified by professional and experienced translators. Governmental authorities in the United States, Russia, Ukraine, and other countries of former Soviet Union accept our certified and notarized translations.

Expedited translation is available.